Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Save a life..It’s in your Hand 


What happens in a cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is a failure of the heart’s electrical system that causes it to stop pumping blood to the brain.
While heart-attack victims typically experience symptoms prior to an emergency, cardiac arrest is always sudden and often with no warning signs for the victim or bystanders. For a victim of cardiac arrest, time is critical. Without immediate treatment the victim will suffer brain damage within three minutes and will rarely survive past 12 minutes. For a few minutes before the heart stops completely, it usually has an irregular rhythm, called Ventricular Fibrillation. During this small window of opportunity the best chance for survival lies in a strong Chain of Survival and it is often possible to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm and prevent heart failure.

The Chain of Survival is made up of four links which can improve the chances of survival and recovery for victims of cardiac arrest.
  • Early access & recognition: being able to recognize someone is in cardiac arrest and getting assistance is the first step to helping them. The sooner you can call the emergency services, the better
  • Early CPR: performing heart compressions can keep their heart going until a defibrillator arrives.  Anyone can perform CPR and a casualty who is in cardiac arrest would benefit greatly from bystander CPR.
  • Early defibrillation: A defibrillator is an electrical device that delivers a shock to the heart in an attempt to correct abnormal electrical activity. In basic terms, a defibrillator attempts to restart the heart into a normal beating rhythm. Early defibrillation is associated with better survival from a cardiac arrest.
  • Early advanced care: Appropriate advanced post-resuscitation care in a hospital is essential to improving long-term survival for the patient. This care should be accessed as quickly as possible after the cardiac arrest has occurred. Post-resuscitation care refers to the care provided pre hospital by an ambulance service and includes things such as medications, advanced airways, reversing reversible causes etc, to increase chance of survival to hospital.

We would warmly welcome you all to attend the World Cardiology 2018 Conference in Edinburg Scotland during November 19-20, 2018 to discuss the relevant advances in Cardio research and will explore the novel trends to reduce the effects of cardiovascular risk factors.

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